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Operation London Bridge Commences

Britain's Queen Elizabeth has died at age 96

Britain’s Buckingham Palace says Operation London Bridge, the program dictating the mourning of Queen Elizabeth II, commences Saturday with the proclamation of King Charles as the new leader of the Monarch. For more, VOA’s Nabeel Biajo speaks to VOA’s London-based correspondent, Henry Ridgewell.

The interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

VOA: What is the process of transition of power to King Charles?

Ridgewell: The transition takes place immediately upon the death of the preceding Monarch. When Queen Elizabeth II passed away Thursday, the crown immediately passed to King Charles III. The ceremony is yet to be confirmed, however on Saturday we will see the Accession Council, a meeting of the royal family and government officials, proclaiming Charles as king and we will also see the king pledge allegiance to the country before commencing a tour of Britain.

VOA: In her death, Queen Elizabeth technically still holds the title of queen, the UK’s head of state, and the head of the Anglican Church. Kindly walk us through the process of how the transfer of power will be done to King Charles.

Ridgewell: The process is complicated because everyday items such as coins and postage stamps bear the image of the queen. This will have to change, and the process is not an overnight procedure, however, something will change quickly, for example, the emblems and initials on many of the royal uniforms and coat of arms which currently are initialed E.R, standing for Elizabeth Regina will change to C.R.