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Passing Britain's Crown - a Timeline


FILE: Britain's then-Prince Charles sits by the The Imperial State Crown in the House of Lords Chamber, during the State Opening of Parliament, in the Houses of Parliament, in London.

UPDATED With MONDAY SEPTEMBER 12 EVENTS: The passing of Britain's Queen Elizabeth II sets in motion a series of events and ceremonies marking her death and the elevation of her son, Charles to the throne as King Charles III

Charles III on Monday made his first speech to parliament as king since ascending to the throne following Queen Elizabeth II's death, hailing the "vital" traditions of British lawmakers.

The country's new monarch gave his inaugural parliamentary address in front of members of the elected lower House of Commons and the upper chamber House of Lords packed into Westminster Hall.

"As I stand before you today, I cannot help but feel the weight of history which surrounds us and which reminds us of the vital parliamentary traditions to which members of both houses dedicate yourselves," Charles said.

"Parliament is the living and breathing instrument of our democracy," he added, noting the queen had set "an example of selfless duty which, with God's help and your counsels, I am resolved faithfully to follow."

Charles will next travel to Scotland, where he will join a procession to accompany the queen's coffin along Edinburgh's Royal Mile to St Giles' Cathedral, before a religious service and vigil later Monday.

Charles plans a tour of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the four nations of the United Kingdom in an operation codenamed "Spring Tide".

The queen's coffin is expected to be taken in a procession up Edinburgh's Royal Mile from Holyrood to St Giles' Cathedral, where there will be a service and a vigil attended by royal family members.

- Tuesday, September 13 -

Day 4: The coffin is expected to be flown to the capital and transported by road to Buckingham Palace in London.

Members of the public will likely line the route.

- Wednesday, September 14 -

Day 5: A ceremonial procession of the coffin through London is expected followed by a lying in state in parliament's Westminster Hall, codenamed "Operation Feather".

Senior members of the royal family are expected to stand guard around the coffin in a tradition known as the Vigil of the Princes.

- September 15-17 -

Days 6,7 and 8: Lying in state. Public can pay their respects, filing past the coffin on its catafalque.

- Sunday, September 18 -

Day 9: A reception to be held for visiting dignitaries and heads of state who have arrived for the funeral.

- Monday, September 19 -

Day 10: The state funeral is expected to take place in Westminster Abbey with huge crowds gathering in central London.

Senior members of the royal family are likely to walk behind coffin as it is taken on a gun carriage to the abbey with a two-minute silence observed.

U.S. President Joe Biden will be among the world dignitaries attending her funeral.

Afterwards, the queen's coffin will be taken to Windsor Castle for a televised committal service at St George's Chapel.

She will then be interred privately at the King George VI memorial chapel, alongside her husband, Prince Philip, the ashes of her sister Princess Margaret, their mother, also called Elizabeth, and father George VI.

This report was prepared with information from Reuters and Agence France-Presse