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What's Next After McCarthy Win's House Speaker?

What's Next After McCarthy Win's House Speaker?
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The gavel is now in the hands of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy of California after a historic 15th rounds of votes on the night of Friday to Saturday morning. After making concessions to roughly 21 Republican hard-liners in the 118th Congress, the newly-elected Speaker is determined to hit the ground running. First on their stated agenda would be to repeal billions of dollars in funding for additional agents for the Internal Revenue Service which Republicans say would go after middle-income families, something the Treasury Department has refuted. Others include the setting up of committees to probe the U.S's dramatic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the economic competition with China, the origins of the Novel Coronavirus, and what Speaker McCarthy calls ''the weaponization of the Federal Bureau of Investigation.'' VOA's Veronica Balderas Iglesias takes a look at what lies ahead.