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UN Votes On Ending Ukraine War

Ukrainian national flag flies near buildings destroyed by Russian military strike in Borodianka

As the anniversary marking the offset of the war in Ukraine approaches, the U.N. General Assembly announced that it will next week vote on a draft resolution focused on bringing peace to Eastern Europe.

The United Nations vote that is scheduled for next Thursday focuses on a draft resolution which stresses “the need to reach, as soon as possible, a comprehensive, just and lasting peace,” in line with the founding U.N. Charter.

The 193-member General Assembly will next week witness two days of speeches by dozens of states to mark the Feb 24 anniversary of the war in Eastern Europe, followed by the vote on the resolution that demands Moscow withdraw its troops from Ukraine and a halt to hostilities.

European Union Ambassador Olof Skoog, who aided in drafting the resolution said he is counting on the general assembly to vote in favor of President Vladimir Putin withdrawing his troops.

“We count on very broad support from the membership,” said Skoog.

“What is at stake is not just the fate of Ukraine, it is the respect of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of every state,” he added.

Russia’s Deputy U.N. Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy declined to comment on the draft resolution, which member states received on Wednesday.

The U.S. and other western nations have worked tirelessly to maintain diplomatic support for Ukraine by focusing on the founding U.N. Charter, a key principle of which is respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Ambassador Linda Thomas-Greenfield, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, last month stressed her nation’s position on the war in Ukraine.

“You cannot be neutral when there is a country that is attacking another country,” said Thomas-Greenfield.

“It’s an attack on the U.N. Charter. It’s an attack on the sovereignty of an independent country. It’s an attack on a neighbor,” she added.