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Nigeria Insurgents Hit Zamfara, Sokoto

Commander Major General Adekunle Shodunke (C-R) points to IEDs recovered from Boko Haram Islamists as British Minister of State for the Armed Forces Mark Lancaster looks on in Makurdi, Benue State, north-central Nigeria, on October 4, 2017.

At least fifteen killings have taken place in communities located in Nigeria's Zamfara and Sokoto regions according to local residents quoted by the Premium Times online newspaper there.

The insurgents attacked Ruwan Bore in Zamfara State, and the communities of Gatawa, Dangarti, and Kurawa in Sokoto State.

Sokoto resident Nura Mamman is quoted by the Premium, Times online newspaper as describing a battle zone.

“I was in my house when I heard screams of women and children," Mamman said. "By then, the bandits were trying to enter the community but a team of Soldiers and police men with vigilante members was putting them off."

Mamman added "You know how they normally come to attack, they divide themselves into two or more groups and they were many this time around. The security agents couldn’t contain them because of their weapons.”

Basharu Guyawa, Chairman of Rundunar Adalci, a human rights group in Sokoto State, said "“The attacks are becoming daring and scary because for over a year now, these bandits attack at will. They no longer wait for night or engage in hide and seek game with security agents. Yesterday they came in the afternoon and perpetrated violence on innocent residents.

An anonymous resident in Ruwan Bore told British Radio about the intensity of the attack there.

“I escaped death by the whiskers,” he said. “They came on more than 100 motorcycles. Women, and children especially, are now leaving the community to Kwatarkwashi for safety. We (men) stay behind to bury the dead.”

Authorities were contacted for comment but none were offered at time of publication