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Kenya Reacts to Ruto Win

FILE: Kenya's President-elect William Ruto is seen after the Supreme Court upheld his win in Nairobi. Taken 9.5.2022

The court on Monday unanimously rejected challenges to the official results of the election and upheld Ruto's win in the East African nation.
While some Kenyans expressed their satisfaction with the ruling, others were disappointed.

Charity Nduta Kiarie, fashion designer and stylist, told the AP "As per the ruling yesterday, the Supreme (Court) ruling, I am a disappointed Kenyan, yes, I am. I am very disappointed because as much as we have been talking about democracy, I don't think we have achieved it as a country," she said.

She added "So for me, as a young Kenyan, I mean in contrast to other young Kenyans, I think we did not experience democracy yesterday."

Opposition candidate Raila Odinga had alleged irregularities in the otherwise peaceful August 9 election that was marked by last-minute drama when the electoral commission split and traded accusations of misconduct.

The court found little or no evidence for the various allegations and called some "nothing more than hot air."

One public employee, only using a first name, "Samson" said "I'm happy to see that our new president is working very hard. We don't want to waste time. We want to work hard," adding "That's how we say that any president, as long as he is a Kenyan, there is no problem. We don't want that hustle, we are happy with him."

Samson left with "Let him work so that he can bring the economy back to where it was."