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Liberian Government Denies Attack on Opposition MP

Monrovia, Liberia

A spokesman says politics played no role in an attack on Yekey Kolubah's home and office

The government of Liberia denied responsibility for an attack on the home and offices of Yekey Kolubah, a member of parliament and critic of President George Weah, as tensions rise ahead of a special senatorial election scheduled for December.

Kolubah blames the government for orchestrating the attacks Sunday night by armed men wielding machetes, firearms and clubs. The attackers looted the properties, taking televisions, computers and personal items.

"The government is using my former securities to attack me," Kolubah told reporters on Monday. "My former securities have been employed by the government at the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) and they are using them to lead the attacks against me."

But a government spokesman said the attack stemmed from a domestic dispute with a neighbor over property. Fourteen suspects have been arrested, he said, adding that none are associated with the government.

“I don’t know why an incident involving two citizens fighting over land would mean the government is trying to hurt Kolubah or anyone else,” Eugene Nagbe, Liberia’s information minister, told VOA.

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Kolubah is a staunch detractor of Weah. He has had numerous political run-ins with Weah's supporters and vows to establish a "Liberation Movement."

Kolubah said Sunday's attack was premeditated and planned by the government because of his critical views against Weah. He told the Liberia Observer newspaper that the government was training local militia groups to intimidate the opposition.

"That ex-fighters are openly calling for my arrest is a proof of a report that President Weah is training ex-fighters and including them in his security team to cause havoc at any time in the country," he said.

Kolubah recently contacted several foreign missions about an alleged attempt on his life by his former security guards believed to have been hired by the government.

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