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Today we feature some of the most interesting conversations we've had on our program's ‘One on One’ segments. We'll hear about one of the most violent volcanic eruptions of all time. We talk with researchers who found evidence showing that there may be oceans of water deep inside the Earth. We’ll learn about an amazing new device that is giving hope to those who are unable to move their limbs. We’ll hear from a scientist who says he has found evidence that Mars may have actually been habitable several billion years ago. A personal note from host Rick Pantaleo: It saddens me to tell you that this was the final edition of the Science World radio program. While the program is ending you can still hear me report on and talk about the latest science news on VOA’s International Edition. Also our Science World blog will continue on the internet. The web address is There you'll find stories about science, with links and much more. I’ve really enjoyed my five years of bringing you the latest in science, health and technology every week and I thank you so much for downloading and listening to our program over the years.