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The 'Internet of Things'

The 'Internet of Things'
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Something that’s been creating a lot of buzz within the tech industry is the “Internet of Things”, such as Wi-Fi enabled thermostats as well as washers and dryers. A professor of computer science at Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University tells us about this computing concept and how its ongoing development could make life easier for us all. Another professor from Carnegie Mellon talks about what many internet historians consider to be the very first internet appliance. A Coca Cola vending machine was turned into a smart machine back in the early 1980’s by thirsty computer science grad students at the university. And… Earlier this week the sun sent a blast of highly charged electrical particles toward Earth. The geomagnetic storm it produced lit up the skies with a spectacular display of what’s called the Aurora Borealis or northern lights. Bob Doughty will tell us all about it. George Putic reports on a new way of detecting flaws in large metal structures such as bridges and airplanes, finding the breaking points before they can cause catastrophic collapse. A Croatian computer whiz has created an application that helps school children with their math homework. Zlatica Hoke tells us that the free "app" has had millions of downloads since it was launched late last year. A Polish bio-tech company has developed a robot that can help physical therapists provide more effective workouts for their patients. Science World’s Doug Bernard has this story by Marveline Dandin. The World Health Organization, in a new report, says non-smoking is becoming the new norm worldwide. But it warns legal battles are slowing efforts to reduce the use of tobacco products. Joe De Capua reports. We'll have these stories and more on today's edition of VOA's Science, Health and Technology magazine... Science World.