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Candidate Profiles

American candidates of African descent are vying for local, state and federal seats in the upcoming U.S. midterm elections. VOA Africa shares the profiles of some of these candidates:

Results and totals for each candidate below will be updated as fresh data is available.

Naquetta Ricks

Ricks won over Republican challenger Le Sellers 62% to 36%. (80% of the votes counted)

Wynfred Russell

Winner, won over opponent Hollies J. Winston by 59.1%

Deqa Dhalac

Dhalac won over Republican Michael Dougherty 68% to 32%. (98.9% of the votes counted)

Teshite Wako

Wako lost to Nichole Klonowski 46.58% to 52.99%.

Munira Abdullahi

Winner, ran unopposed.

Ismail Mohamed

Mohamed was ahead of his Republican challenger J. Josiah Lannin by roughly 80% - 20%

Adrian Boafo

Winner, ran unopposed.

Mana Abdi

Winner, ran unopposed.

Oye Owolewa

Owolewa won over Green Party challenger Joyce Robinson-Paul 84.6% to 15.4%. ( 98% of the votes counted)

Carol Kazeem

Kazeem, with 27.5% of the votes counted, is leading Republican Ruth Moton 61.9% to 38.1 percent.

Segun Adeyina

Winner, ran unopposed.

Iro Omere

Omere lost to Republican Pat Fallon by 66.8% to 30.9%. (95% of the votes counted)

Wala Blegay

Winner, ran unopposed.

Esther Agbaje

Re-elected, ran unopposed.