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US First Lady Visits Namibia

FILE - First lady Jill Biden speaks as she hosts spouses of African leaders as part of the US-Africa Leaders' Summit in Washington, Dec. 14, 2022.

U.S. First Lady Jill Biden is set to arrive in Namibia Wednesday where she will lay out Washington’s plan to address issues pertaining to women’s empowerment, children, and food insecurity in Africa.

Political experts report that Dr Biden is headed to Namibia in a bid to build on the commitments made to the continent during last year’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit.

Experts also marked Dr. Biden’s trip as historic due to her becoming the first U.S. first lady to visit Namibia since the southwest African nation gained independence in 1990.

Judd Devermont, the senior director for African Affairs at the National Security Council (NSC), said the trip by the first lady is proof that Washington is determined to partner with Africa.

“Dr. Biden’s trip builds on last year’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit and as another demonstration of President Biden’s commitment that the United States is all-in on Africa and all-in with Africa,” said Devermont.

“The U.S. strategy toward sub-Suharan Africa, which we released last August, starts with conviction that Africa is critical to advancing our shared global priorities,” he added.

Becky Farmer, the NSC's spokesperson said the U.S. first lady will also travel to Kenya where she will draw attention to food insecurity on the continent.

“In Kenya, Dr.Biden will very specifically draw attention to the food security crisis impacting the Horn of Africa, which is noted as the worst drought that this region has experienced in decades,” said Farmer.

“Over 20 million people are increasingly experiencing acute food insecurity with many more at risk of increased hunger over the last year,” she added.

While addressing the global effects of Russia’s war in Ukraine from Poland on Tuesday, President Joe Biden re-iterated that his wife was set to travel to Africa to address the food crisis.

“Putin tried to starve the world, blocking the ports of the Black Sea to stop Ukraine from exporting its grain exacerbating a global food crisis that hit the developing nations of Africa especially hard,” said Biden.

“Instead, the United States and the G-7, and partners around the world answered the call with historic commitments to address the crisis and to bolster global food supplies. And this week my wife, Jill Biden, is traveling to Africa to help bring attention to this critical issue,” he added.