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Thousands of Delegates Expected to Attend September Africa Climate Summit

FILE — Maasai children run past a zebra that local residents said died due to drought, as they graze their cattle at Ilangeruani village, near Lake Magadi, in Kenya, on Nov. 9, 2022.

SACRAMENTO — Kenya is working to ensure thorough health and safety measures are in place for all delegates that will be attending the Africa Climate Summit scheduled for early September in Nairobi. So far, 17 presidents have confirmed their attendance.

More than 12,000 delegates have been accredited for the conference and for Africa Climate Week.

The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres is among the high-profile dignitaries who have confirmed attendance at the Africa Climate Summit scheduled for Sept. 4-6.

Kenya’s ministry of health is reportedly working to provide swift medical assistance to delegates in the event of emergencies.

Soipan Tuiya, Kenya’s cabinet secretary for environment, climate change and forestry, said there are already more than 12,500 delegates from 130 countries across the world accredited to attend the summit, which coincides with Africa Climate Week.

“It is a whole process for engagement and specifically for the youth,” said Tuiya. “We are in constant discussion, and we are supporting them within the summit.”

Kenya and the African Union have made progress in preparing for the successful hosting of the historic Africa Climate Summit.

The meeting aims to express African solidarity with the rest of the world for managing the climate crisis.

Earlier Kenya’s president, William Ruto, said that the summit’s agenda will focus on mobilizing towards a common position and advocate for a global alignment on a green growth agenda.

“It is important for us to pay special attention to the Africa Climate Summit,” he said. “It is the first ever in the continent under the AU.”

“The summit, coming after the Paris summit where greater clarity emerged, will be a critical opportunity for us to accelerate the global energy transition and deliver African solutions to the COP28 in Dubai the United Arab Emirates

Among the topics that will be discussed are “Redesigning Climate Finance, Trade, and Investment for the Global South,” “The Investment Opportunity for Food Sovereignty in Africa,” and “Accelerating Climate Resilient Water Investments in Africa."

The Nairobi Declaration on Green Growth and Climate Finance Solutions seeks to launch a renewed effort for Africa and invite partnerships with the rest of the world.

The chief executive director of the Africa Climate Summit, Joseph Ng’ang’a, says the meeting will address the challenges faced by climate change globally.

“In addition to discussing those issues, we will also portray the solutions and even go further and show the opportunities for investments that are being signed to unlock the challenges.”

The Africa Climate Summit will bring together leaders from across the globe, intergovernmental organizations, private sector and academia, civil society organizations, women and youth to design and accelerate actions and solutions for climate change in Africa.

The meeting will provide a platform to deliberate on the link between climate change, Africa’s development , and the need to push for increased investment in climate action globally.