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Sudan's Warring Forces Clash in Bahri

FILE — Drone footage shows a black smoke billow over Bahri, amid fighting between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces, May 1, 2023.

CAIRO — Residents of Sudan’s city of Bahri Friday said they witnessed heavy clashes amid ongoing conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces.

Clashes between the rival forces intensified a day after welcoming a new mediation effort by Egypt that seeks to end the three-month long conflict.

Egypt’s latest mediation attempt was launched on Thursday and witnessed regional and international participation.

Despite welcoming Egypt’s cease-fire attempts, the army and the paramilitary, commenced fighting near the Halfaya bridge, developments witnessed by four residents of northern Bahri.

The Bahri residents said they heard air strikes, artillery fire, and gunshots, continuing into the afternoon.

An army source said SAF had succeeded in pushing the RSF out of neighborhoods in the far north of the city in the morning.

RSF officials differed with their SAF counterparts through a statement that announced defeating the army while claiming to kill hundreds.

In a statement the Sudanese army said it had launched ground operations in all three cities of the capital and that it had been successful, acknowledging some losses in Bahri but calling the RSF number inflated.

Residents of the wider capital area reported a communications outage for several hours in the morning.

Other eyewitnesses reported clashes around an army base in southern Khartoum as well.

The conflict between SAF and RSF broke out on April 15 and has displaced civilians out of the wider capital region— consisting of the cities of Khartoum, Bahri, and Omdurman — while triggering ethnically motivated attacks in the Darfur region.

Regional and international mediation efforts have so far failed to end the fighting and United Nations officials have said Sudan could slide into civil war.