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Rwanda One-Way Gets September UK Court Review

FILE: A Boeing 767 sits on the runway at the military base in Amesbury, Salisbury, on 6.14.2022 preparing to take a number of asylum-seekers to Rwanda. The deportation flight was halted by court action.

London's High Court said on Wednesday a judicial review into the legality of the British government's plan to deport migrants to Rwanda will start on Sept. 5.

Britain's plans to remove unwanted migrants and asylum seekers by sending them one-way to Rwanda will be examined in High Court come September.

Under an agreement struck in April, Britain intends to send tens of thousands of migrants who arrive on its shores illegally more than 4,000 miles (6,4000 km) to the East African country.

Migrants and charities are bringing a judicial review to challenge the policy's lawfulness.

The controversial plan, put forth by now-former PM Boris Johnson and his government, paid Rwanda to accept people who had come to the UK hoping to live and work there.

Britain's initial effort to deport was halted in mid-June by court injunction. At the time, the number of persons assigned to that first flight was but a handful. Since then, the plan has been the target of numerous protests.

Along with cutting a one-way deal with Rwanda, Britain is reported to have had similar discussions with Nigeria.