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MSF Convoy Looted in Sudan

sudan floods

A humanitarian convoy carrying aid for communities affected by flooding in Sudan’s Al Jazirah State this week, was stopped and looted by unarmed individuals.

Officials of the international medical charity Médecins Sans Frontière, MSF , who currently have operations in Sudan, Friday reported the looting of four of seven MSF trucks that were loaded with kits, mosquito nets, blankets, plastic sheets, mats, kitchen equipment and buckets, between Managil and Al Jamusi village.

“Two unknown young men blocked the road for our last three pick-up trucks,” said Nargiz Koshoibekova, a field communications manager for the humanitarian organization, adding, “other bystanders and cars passing by joined the discussion and started looting the items loaded on the pick-up trucks.”

Regardless of the looting, Koshoibekova says the MSF will continue working with authorities to respond to the needs of locals who are experiencing heavy rainfall and flash floods that have affected approximately 20,000 people in Al Jazirah State and some 279,000 people countrywide and destroyed thousands of homes in majority of the states in the northeast African nation.

“MSF is working together with the ministry of health and is constructing temporary latrines, installing water tanks and distribution systems for provision of clean water,” said the field communications manager.

According to the head of Sudan’s Health and Emergency Committee, Dr. Nahla Abdulmuniem Hussein, the situation in various camps across the nation remains dire, however deaths are yet to be recorded.

“We have recorded cases of watery diarrhea among children, but it has not reached a Cholera outbreak stage,” said Hussein, adding, “We also have cases of scorpion and snake bites, but up to now no one has died.”