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Mozambique Designer Splashes Fashion Scene

FILE: Mozambican designer Mauricio Matapisse works on clothing designs in his studio in Maputo, Mozambique. 9.3.2022

Mozambican designer Mauricio Matapisse wants his brand, Nothing to Lose (NTL), which has caught the eyes of young Mozambicans with its trendy designs, to be on par with the world's best.

"We need to create that dynamic of when a person goes to a store to buy Gucci, Nike and... sees NTL... (and) feels a little balance there. Like, should I buy this or that," said Matapisse, 39, from Mozambique's capital Maputo.

NTL customers say its affordability, fabric quality and range of styles from hats to summer outfits set it apart.

"You have the freedom to choose the color, size and design of your clothes," customer Neusa Gilda Castigo Mussuey said.

Matapisse's forward moves come at a propitious time. This year's New Yprk Fashion Week, just concluding, put a big spotlight on Africa and African fashion designers.