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Morocco Monarch COVID Positive

A picture released by the Moroccan Royal Palace shows Morocco's King Mohammed VI addressing speech, transmitted via a screen to the parliament, from the Royal Palace in the northeastern city of Fez, on October 8, 2021.

King Mohammed VI of Morocco has tested positive for COVID-19 but has exhibited no symptoms, his doctor said on Thursday.

Morrocco's king will be on sick leave for a couple of days, his doctor Lahcen Belyamani said in a statement carried by state media.

The health of the 58-year-old monarch has been of concern since he underwent heart surgery, first in February 2018 and again in June 2020.

In July, Morocco will mark the 23rd year of the king's rule, which saw in 2011 a new constitution voted in by referendum as part of that time's Arab Spring protests.