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M23 Rebels Seize More DRC Territory

FILE - DRC M23 rebels in Rutshuru, 20 Nov, 2013
FILE - DRC M23 rebels in Rutshuru, 20 Nov, 2013

Locals in the Democratic Republic of Congo report that civilians were displaced from their homes last week resulting from a recent attack that led to M23 rebels capturing Mushaki village in North Kivu.

Experts report that hundreds of people in DRC have fled their homes in pursuit of shelter in the capital Goma, after rebel groups with alleged links to neighboring Rwanda seized more territory in the conflict-stricken nation.

Experts add that the rebel group captured the village of Mushaki in North Kivu province, after more than two days of fighting with government forces and military.

Aline Sumbuka, a resident of Sake, a town located 15 kilometers to the east of Mushaki, said people are continuing to flee the conflict.

“We are asking our authorities to bring us soldiers to end this war because we are suffering a lot,” said Sumbuka.

“Some fled without their children, at this time people continue to flee because the war started at midnight,” added Sumbuka.

President Felix Tshisekedi Monday addressed a United Nations Human Rights Council session where he said the ongoing conflict poses a threat to the general elections that are scheduled for December 20.

“The persistence of the war in the east of our country risks jeopardizing the electoral process, which is already underway, due to a massive displacement of people from combat zones, the insecurity and the inaccessibility of these areas,” said Tshisekedi.

Tshisekedi’s sentiments were echoed by foreign electoral experts who spoke to news agency Reuters and said the electoral body could delay or postpone the elections.

Some information for this report was sourced from Reuters.