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King Charles III and Africa - The Continent's Opinion

FILE: Britain's then-Prince Charles, center, and Camilla, then-Duchess of Cornwall, above-left, arrive at the Genocide Memorial in Kigali, Rwanda, June 22, 2022, ahead of a 54-nation Commonwealth summit.

As leader of the British empire, King Charles III also leads the Commonwealth, an institution comprised of previous British colonies but are now independent, though some retain the crown as head of state. VOA Africa invited people from the continent to voice their expectations of the new king.

Africans from across the continent have opinions - some of them pointed - about Britain's new king, Charles III.

Here are some of their comments sent to, edited for civility.

Augustine Kapelabulungu

Tell him to rule in the modern world today, where he should expect less and give out more - and listen more, even slimming the empire (Commonwealth).

Kingsley Hamilton Chinedu

We’re not slaves - let Africa go their own ways. Enough is enough.

Anwar Suliman Wadkaya انور سليمان ودكاية ·

She was really a figure head of an empress, responsible for the colonization (of Africa).

Ideke Dumebi

Return all that she took from us!

Chapman Hol Icious

I think it's good that she has died in peace and Africa should remain independent and peaceful. King Charles should bring back those diamonds worth millions dollars that she used to wear where they belong. Britain please leave Africa alone - don't interfere.

Foday Brima

The same trend will continue (under Charles III). Africa didn't prosper in the Commonwealth. Under King Charles, African members should withdraw as there is no 'wealth' to share. Do Africans take part in pricing our exports? This neo-colonial organization (the Commonwealth) is only led by the former slave master, (the) colonial master, and now indirectly exploits. For more than 60 years the leadership cannot rotate. What a civilized form of dictatorship!

Kawinto Gaston

I am not sure. Let those who talk to him remind Charles III that he should at least bring (back) 1/10 of what was stolen (from Africa).

Maama Shillah

Hope the new king will work on the terrorist organizations in East and Central Africa which must be stopped because it's now a regional problem with looting and killing citizens as well as human body organs trafficking.

Bornwell Chilufya

Let them (African nations) be. But return (the) proceeds of looting.

Philip Stargate

Long Live the King!

Jacob Aguomba

King Charles ought to see his period as an opportunity to give back to Africa (all) that had helped make Britain "great." He should be concerned with the horrible poverty and leadership deficit in African countries.

Onyeka Blesse

First by apologizing to Africa, especially the Biafrans restoring people the way they were before she invaded them. Compensating the people from the loot the queen took. (And,) by staying off from Africa and concentrate on his domain.