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Germany Boots Chad Ambo in Retaliation

FILE: Mahamat Zène Chérif, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Chad. Taken Feb. 23, 2016 before assuming office.

BERLIN - Berlin has ordered Chad's ambassador to Germany to leave the country within 48 hours in response to a similar move by the Central African country last week, the foreign ministry said on Tuesday.

"In response to the unfounded expulsion of our Ambassador to Chad, we today summoned the Chadian Ambassador in Berlin, Mariam Ali Moussa, and called on her to leave Germany within 48 hours. We regret that it had to come to this," the ministry said in a tweet.

Germany's ambassador to Chad, Gordon Kricke, was expelled from the country last week. The Chadian Communications Ministry said that the decision was a result of "non-respect of diplomatic customs".

Two Chadian government sources said the expulsion was due to Kricke's critical comments about delayed elections and a court decision allowing interim military leader Mahamat Idriss Deby to run for political office.

"Ambassador Kricke exercised his office in N'Djamena in an exemplary manner & has worked for human rights & the rapid transition to a civilian government in Chad," the German ministry said.

Chat's leader assumed power in 2021 after the death of his father. Deby's promise to return to civilian rule has so far set that transition for roughly October 2024, a date many nations say is too far in the future.