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Even Higher Inflation in 2023 - Tunis

FILE - A man buys dollars from a money changer on the black market in the capital Tunis, Tunisia. Taken August 24, 2017.

Tunisia's central bank governor said on Wednesday that inflation rate was expected to average 11% in 2023, up from the 8.3% in 2022.

Marouan Abassi added that "the situation will be difficult if Tunisia does not reach a deal with the International Monetary Fund".

Finance Minister Samir Saeed said 2023 would be a "very difficult year," saying the government will also reduce subsidies' expenditures by 26.4%, mainly in energy and food.

This month, the government raised the prices of drinking water and is expected to regularly raise fuel prices in 2023 in order to reduce the growing energy deficit.

The budget has sparked widespread rejection from some professions with lawyers threatening what they called "a tax disobedience" in a statement.