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Eskom to Cut Less

FILE: Pinkie Sebitlo warms herself near a coal stove during frequent power outages from South African utility Eskom, in Soweto, South Africa, 6.23.2022

South African state power utility Eskom said on Thursday that it expected to implement lower levels of power cuts next week as some generation units return to service.

"Eskom anticipates lower stages of load shedding (power cuts) to be implemented next week as some units return to service. This will be confirmed closer to the time, or as major changes occur," Eskom said in a statement.

Last month Eskom started implementing so-called "Stage 6" power cuts for only the second time in its history, meaning most South Africans were without power for at least six hours a day.

The level of the outages has since been lowered, with Stage 3 and 4 power cuts at different times during daytime hours on Thursday.

Eskom has been hit both by labor action and aging infrastructure - as well as the alleged looting of the utility in the "State Capture" scheme during President Jacob Zuma's tenure.