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Eastern Sudan Floods Destroy Over 2,500 Homes

FILE - A man passes on the side of a flooded road in the town of Alkadro, about (20 km) north of the capital Khartoum, Sudan,. Taken 9.5.2020

Deadly seasonal floods in eastern Sudan have collapsed more than 2,500 houses, state news agency SUNA has reported, leaving thousands homeless in an already impoverished region. Over 500 houses were partially destroyed in River Nile province, the agency said late on Thursday.

Since the start of the rainy season in May, the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs says that around 38,000 people have been affected by the floods across the East African country.

So far, the areas hardest hit include Kassala, South Darfur, Central Darfur, South Kordofan, the White Nile and the River Nile provinces.

The total nationwide death toll remains undetermined.

On Wednesday, SUNA reported that two children were killed when floods destroyed their home in the central While Nile province.

Earlier, OCHA said that at least another six people had died and an unconfirmed number of people injured when their houses collapsed or were washed away by floods in the Central Darfur province.

About 2,800 houses were destroyed and more than 1,620 houses damaged in the same province, according to an OCHA statement released on Monday.

Last month, the U.N. said that flash floods killed another 12 people in South Darfur.

Sudan's rainy season usually lasts until September, with floods peaking between August and September. In 2021, more than 314,000 people were affected by rains and flooding across Sudan, according to the U.N.