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Botswana Buffalos Kill

FILE: An African buffalo grazes at Nairobi National Park near Nairobi, Kenya May 12, 2017

GABORONE, BOTSWANA - A 13-year-old student and a man have died after being attacked by buffaloes near Botswana's Chobe National Park game reserve, the government announced on Thursday.

The Ministry of Environment said wildlife authorities launched a hunt after a buffalo injured on Tuesday a 37-year-old in Kasane, a town on the Chobe river, which marks the vast reserve's northern border.

Park officials traced the animal to a secondary school where it attacked and killed a 13-year-old by the school's football grounds, the ministry said.

A day later, another two men were attacked by a lone buffalo in the area. One died of wounds suffered in the incident while the other escaped with only minor injuries.

Authorities said the animal was put down and two more buffaloes roaming near local schools were also killed.

The ministry urged people in the area "to be vigilant at all times as these animals pose danger to human life".