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Authorities: 18 Dead, 12 Injured in Eastern DRC Attack

Map of the Democratic Republic of Congo

BENI — Local authorities in the Democratic Republic of Congo’s Ituri province said armed men attacked a village in the nation’s eastern province on Thursday kiling at least 18 people and injuring 12.

The DRC's Ituri province is plagued by a myriad of armed groups and violence that has forced millions of people to flee their homes.

Christophe Munyanderu, a coordinator with a human rights organization in the nation's Irumu territory, where the attack happened, said the incident displaced several people in the region as "the population was gradually beginning to recover."

"This attack has once again caused massive displacement of civilians," he added.

Col. Jean Siro Simba Bunga, an administration in the Irumu territory, said assailants had burned three bodies but another 15 would be buried.

"We are deploring this situation," said Col. Bunga, blaming local militia for the “needless deaths.”

Alain Kalito, a survivor, said children were among the victims and that his father was severely injured.

"It has been difficult to identify the perpetrators, as we were all scared and fled after they entered," Kalito said.