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Angola UNITA Continues Election Battle

Angola opposition party UNITA holds final rally

Experts say Angola’s main opposition UNITA can still overturn the 2022 election result, regardless of the annulment dismissal by the Constitutional Court, because UNITA filed another pending petition requesting a vote recount. For more VOA’s Nabeel Biajo spoke with journalist, Israel Campos.

This interview was edited for brevity and clarity.

VOA: Angola’s opposition UNITA had a petition dismissed on Monday by the Constitutional Court but has another pending. Tell us more about the second petition and how this may affect the outcome of the elections

Campos: It is still unclear on when the Constitutional Court is going to rule on the second petition. What we know is that the National Electoral Commission on Monday advised the Constitutional Court to reject UNITA’s complaints because they do not have a legal basis for their arguments.

VOA: What is the second petition about?

Campos: UNITA says they disagree with the election outcome and add that according to their reports, which they obtained from polling stations, the tally produced by the National Electoral Commission is incorrect because it does not match their findings. So that is why they are turning to the Constitutional Court to either order a vote recount or allow an independent body to partake in the recounting of the vote.

VOA: What are citizens saying about these developments?

Campos: There is still tension among citizens. On Monday we learned that the military has been placed on high alert which is evident as you walk around Luanda, and you see a lot of security personnel. As we approach our third week after August 24, people are tense watching developments and waiting to put the election chapter behind us so we can move forward.

Q & A – UNITA Mounts Second Constitutional Election Challenge
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