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Africa Tech Event Spotlights Small - Medium, Micro Enterprises

FILE: Workers are seen inside an Africa-focused tech startup Jumia Technologies, pickup station in downtown Nairobi, Kenya. Taken 11.16.2021

Africa is home to a rich legacy of evolution and innovation in technology and telecommunications. This year, the world's largest Africa-focused technology and telecommunications event will turn 25 in November 8th.

The World Bank say, Small to Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMME) have contributed this year by up to 60% of all employment and as much as 40% of the GDP in emerging economies in the African continent.

With Africa having the youngest population in the world, (70% of sub-Saharan Africa is under 30), It tries to increase SMMEs to grow individual sovereign economies.

Much of the African economical growth comes from technology-supported ventures to help connect these businesses to opportunities, as well as assist in optimizing their operations.

This year, Africa’s Tech Festival will focus on content that helps the continent's future rights holders deliver on their promise.

Director of Connecting Africa and Informa Tech James Williams says that SMMEs are playing an increasingly important role in the economic development and sustainability of the African continent.

“In compiling the program for this year's event, we have emphasized some of the more pertinent influences and considerations that will enable these SMMEs to make meaningful contributions to the continent's future."

Vodacom Business, an organization that helps small and medium enterprises work smarter, has launched an online hub designed to help SMMEs unlock their full potential when they try to future-proof their business.

Nastassha Dooks, Vodacom Business Executive Head for SMME, says that SMME’s businesses could thrive when they adapt customer’s needs.

"Adopting the right digital solutions will help SMMEs become more agile and resilient, enabling them to quickly adapt to customers' evolving needs and better solve their business challenges,"

The festival key notes will focus on supporting and promoting SMMEs